Texas Republic Bank: Security Update

By: TXRB Staff | 6 Mar 2023

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As a trusted partner for your digital channels, TRB wants to offer some insight on the changing fraud landscape. The financial services industry has seen a trending increase in targeted fraudulent activity that attempts to gain access to a customer’s account. While this is not new, fraudsters are certainly getting more creative and persistent with phishing attacks on digital credentials. A single level of security is no longer sufficient to safeguard our customer accounts. In this changing digital environment, a layered security approach will ensure the Bank is doing everything possible to protect our customers’ accounts and our reputation. Therefore, the Bank has elected to implement this additional level of security – Out of Band Authentication – for all our Digital Banking customers. Beginning on March 13, 2023, you will be prompted to enroll in this authorization the first time you log into Digital/Mobile banking. Once enrolled, you will be sent a security code each time you log into Digital Banking and before performing certain transactions.

View Instructions here: OOBA – Customer set up

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