Treasury Management

We offer custom tailor cash management products and services that fit your business and budget.

    Treasury Management Services

    Texas Republic Bank offers a variety of cash management products and services to help our business customers streamline their cash flow and better manage their cash position. We believe these are important tools for every business, and are committed to delivering these products with high quality customer service and attention to the details and needs of your business.

    Texas Republic Bank offers cutting edge technology for Online Banking, Remote Deposit, Wholesale Lockbox, ACH Origination, Electronic Funds Transfers, Zero Balance Accounts, Positive Pay (Fraud Prevention), CD-Rom Statements, Merchant Card Services, Corporate Cards, Loan Sweeps and more. When visiting with potential bank customers, we analyze your business and demonstrate where we can save time and money in your overall banking process.

    Our goal is to custom tailor products and services that fit your business and budget, rather than weigh you down with products you will never use. To learn more about these products or to discuss a specific need, pleasecontact Kaili Parde Baines, Treasury Services Coordinator,, or Jason Hood, Personal Banker, at 972-334-0700.

    cash management

    Remote Deposit

    • Deposit checks electronically from the convenience of your own computer and office
    • Avoid time consuming, costly trips to the bank
    • Encrypted data
    • Expanded deposit window (6:00 pm CST)

    Online Corporate Banking

    • Information Reporting
    • Initiate wires and ACHs
    • Access account item images
    • Stop Payments
    • Aggregate Personal Financial Management Tool
    • Email Account Alerts
    • Transaction Exports into other software

    Positive Pay

    View images of potentially fraudulent items online prior to making a pay or return decision.

    ACH Electronic Debits/Credits

    • Collect funds and make payments electronically through the national ACH network
    • Initiate direct deposit of payroll for employees

    Wire Transfers

    Initiate U.S. Dollar wire transfers domestically and internationally.

    Information Reporting

    Account balances, transactions, cash positions, sweep and concentration activity, online statements. Transaction exports into Quickbooks, Quicken, Excel, and more.

    Controlled Disbursement

    Monitoring of the exact amount of checks that will clear the account to give customer opportunity to transfer excess cash to interest bearing accounts or line of credit.

    Lockbox Services

    Allows your business to improve cash flow by efficiently processing check remittances made payable to the business. Payments owed to the business would be sent directly to a Post Office Box owned by Texas Republic Bank, where they would be retrieved by bank staff and deposited to the business’ account. Deposit advice information would then be made available to the customer.

    For more information or questions, please contact a Personal Banker at 972-334-0700.