Texas Republic Staff with HCFS staff



Hospitals and medical facilities often face challenges in covering the cost of services to patients. Specialized companies, such as HCFS in Frisco, work closely with patients, doctors and medical facilities to qualify patients for special programs or assistance as well as assisting in identifying possible resources for patients and working to maximize revenue for the healthcare facility.

HCFS through owner Julie Faling needed a personalized approach to banking for her company. Not only does the company work with local patients and facilities, but they also needed support for out of state services they provide.


“When HCFS, Inc. moved to Texas Republic Bank, we were looking for more than just a banking support relationship but rather a partnership as we made our strategic vision a reality. We found it! Thank you, Texas Republic Bank.”

Julie Faling, President and CEO, HCFS, Inc.


Large banks and national financial institutions are structured to offer specific types of accounts and services as a one size fits all approach to banking. The problem for unique companies like HCFS is the lack of flexibility and customization in the accounts and services offered.

The challenge for HCFS was not only in finding a bank with the flexibility to work with their business model, but also a bank with an understanding of the unique challenges facing companies working in the healthcare or healthcare support industries. Many banks had some of the features needed by HCFS, but none had them all in one local community bank.


The solution Julie Faling found was to turn to Texas Republic Bank. As a locally-owned, community bank we were able to respond to the needs of our customers to create the banking solutions to work for her business.

Our extensive experience in working with doctors, clinics and healthcare services, allowed us to work directly with Julie to develop the custom banking solutions she needed. With our customer-focused approach to banking, we were also able to streamline some of the banking needs of HCFS, reducing the time spent on dealing with multiple banks for different services.

Texas Republic Bank customers can expect to work with a bank that is big enough to offer all of the services they need, but small enough to take the time to really understand the business needs of a customer. This builds a real partnership with their bank.


We knew that Julie Faling had a vision for how she wanted HCFS to operate. Her expertise in her business allowed our team to create the customized banking solutions she needed. With personalized service and flexibility to work to our customer’s requirements, Texas Republic Bank offers a different aspect of unique banking services for unique businesses.