Texas Republic Staff with LazyPaw Veterinarian

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals


As a busy veterinary practice in Frisco, Texas, Lazy Paw’s owners Dr. Hunter and Dr. Bilhartz needed an efficient, streamlined and one-stop banking solution to handle their business financial needs.

Texas Republic Bank was able to provide customized solutions to their unique banking requirements. At the same time, a single TRB bank officer was able to work with the vets, building a long-term relationship that has continued to grow. As a local community bank, TRB offers this flexibility and locally based decision-making process for all of our banking customers.


When Dr. Hunter and Dr. Bilhartz first talked about their banking challenges with their Sean M. Duncan, CPA the President and Owner of SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC., the challenges to their current banking practices were evident.

The animal hospital was working with multiple banks, which also meant working with different bank officers. While this was initially a viable solution, as the practice grew and the banking needs increased, it created a host of complications and challenges.

With multiple banks and multiple bank officers, it was difficult for anyone to have a true overview of the best financial practices for the business. And, as is often the case when working with different professionals, the information or the options suggested weren’t always right for the big picture financial goals and needs for the animal hospital.

To make matters even more complicated, one of the bank offices at the current bank was leaving, which meant the vets were going to have to get used to working with yet another new professional.


“At LazyPaw Animal Hospitals we know you only want the best for your pet. So, do we. We provide our clients exceptional patient care tailored to each individual furry family member’s needs. Just like our patients, we are unique and not just another business to be plugged into a formula. Texas Republic Bank shares this philosophy by providing innovative solutions specific to our Frisco business needs.”
Julaine Hunter, DVM, Co-Founder
LazyPaw Animal Hospitals


Based on the advice of Mr. Duncan, Dr. Bilhartz and Dr. Hunter came to see our team at Texas Republic Bank. We were able to quickly grasp the very specific banking and financial needs of the animal hospital based on our experience in working in the community with clients that had similar needs and business models.

The result was a comprehensive banking solution that was customized to the requirements of the animal hospital owners. The solutions were innovative and personalized, which streamlined the banking process and ensured there was a comprehensive banking model in place that worked for Lazy Paws Animal Hospitals. Additionally, and this is important to all of our customers, there was now one trusted and known bank officer providing comprehensive and complete banking support for the entire banking needs of the business.