Texas Republic Staff with Balance Diabetes

Eye Health


Starting up one medical business is a challenge, but the Allojus were setting up two. Dr. Sindura Alloju as Founder, President and CEO of Balance Diabetes and Endocrinology, LLC and Dr. Shashi M. Alloju, Founder, President and CEO of Eye Health Texas, quickly recognized the need for experience and a true partnership in managing the complexities of banking in the medical field.


“EyeHealth Texas and Balance Diabetes and Endocrinology, are two physician owned solo private practices, founded in 2015 and 2017. Due to the costs and complexities of running a medical practice, it was imperative to find a reputable bank with a history of fostering relationships with small businesses. Texas Republic Bank has been an outstanding partner for us in this endeavor, with their personalized approach and outstanding service.”
-Shashi Alloju, MD-Founder, President & CEO, EyeHealth Texas, PA
-Sindura Alloju, MD-Founder, President & CEO, Balance Diabetes and Endocrinology, LLC


The problem facing the Allojus, and many other medical professionals also running their own provide medical practices is the inability for many banks to be able to develop banking services and plans to meet their needs.

In this case, both doctors were busy in working directly in setting up and marketing their practices, managing the practice and also working with staff and patients. The demands on the time of these medical experts make a trip to the bank during business hours an impossibility.

Additionally, and this is an important factor for many business professionals in the medical field, both doctors had limited business background experience. They had spent their time in learning how to work with their patients, not how to manage the day to day tasks of being business owners as well as medical professionals.


With personalized, custom banking solutions, the Allojus were able to open their respective medical practices. They have a single banking source for all of their business banking needs, and they know the staff at Texas Republic Bank is here to help them as their businesses continue to thrive and grow.

Texas Republic Bank, a full-service bank, assisted the Allojus with their personal banking needs as well, by providing personal checking accounts, money market accounts, personal debit cards and a house mortgage.


Texas Republic Bank provided the solution the Allojus were searching to find. With our community focus in our bank, we are able to set up a banking representative to work directly with both doctors. After discussions, a personalized plan was developed for the EyeHealth Texas and Balance Diabetes & Endocrinology businesses.

Each account was set up to work for the needs of the two new small businesses. By streamlining banking services to meet the needs of the two companies, the time spent in banking was significantly decreased. Our experience in working with other medical practices in the area was also an asset as we were aware of the basic services the practices would require from our financial institution.

At the same time, the banking experts at Texas Republic Bank were able to assist the Allojus in ensuring all banking services required were in place when they opened the doors of their practice. We continue to provide these services, and we are constantly striving to add new features and banking practices to further benefit each of our customers.