We Do Home Mortgages!!!!

By: TXRB Staff | 17 Aug 2012

Did you know that we offer home mortgages? That’s right, we offer home mortgages, and specialize in Frisco area homes. Many homebuyers are frustrated by the “mortgage mess” and the strict or illogical requirements of most mortgage lenders. Texas Republic Bank’s mortgage process is like a breath of fresh air – we offer solutions, not excuses or hurdles! Because we are a bank, we can be creative in tailoring a mortgage to meet your needs including:
Ø Conventional home mortgages
Ø Long term fixed rate mortgages
Ø Refinance mortgages
Ø Home construction loans
Ø Mortgages for Second Homes 
Ø Mortgages for the Self-Employed
Ø Competitive Rates
Ø Deal with a banker you know, and by whom you are known!
Ø Creative solutions and problem solving – not just one size fits all

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