Top 6 Reasons to Use Local Banks

By: TXRB Staff | 1 Mar 2022















If you look around, you see that you have your choice of banks. On every corner, you’ll find large national banks, but in between, there are also those local banks asking for your business.

Most people go to the large national banks because it’s what they know. What these people don’t realize is they are overlooking many benefits local banking offers.

Here’s what you could be missing out on if you don’t use your local bank.

1. Superior Customer Service

Customer service is hard to come by today, especially in the face of the pandemic and less face-to-face interaction. Local banks, however, offer personalized service. Employees get to know you by name, develop a relationship with you and are happy to help you with your banking needs.

You won’t work with someone that has no idea what financial goals you have or what’s going on in your life. Instead, you’ll work with professionals that say your name as you walk in the door and will guide you to reach your financial goals. When is the last time you left a bank and thought “Now that’s banking like it oughta be!”?

2. Serve the Local Community

Large national banks care about their bottom line and not about the community you live in. When you bank with a local bank, such as Texas Republic Bank, you’re working with a bank that is invested in its community.

Not only is it local, but it’s owned by local investors – people that care about the community and what happens in it. Local banks are more likely to sponsor sports teams, get involved in charity and community service events, and reinvest in the community to help make the area a better place.

3. Local Banking Helps your Local Community

When you bank local, you give money back to your community. Using your local bank gives them more capital to make more loans to the people of your community for both personal and business purposes. Since small businesses are the backbone of our community, you can do your part to keep the local economy thriving.

4. You’ll get Decisions Faster

Local banks can make decisions without having to wait for “corporate” responses. No need to wait on Wall Street, or even Dallas headquarters, as your local banker is one of the decision-makers. That is banking like it oughta be.

5. Local Banks are Secure Too

Many people assume their money is only safe at larger ‘better known’ banks, but the insurance is the same no matter where you bank. At Texas Republic Bank, you’re covered by the same FDIC insurance coverage you’d have if you banked at a larger bank.

6. You’ll get Just as Many Benefits

Don’t discount the benefits local banks can offer. Just because we are smaller than a national bank doesn’t mean we don’t have the technology or the capital to offer just as many benefits, if not more!


Final Thoughts

Local banking is a great way to be a part of your community and give back without doing anything you wouldn’t normally do. You can bank as normal but do your part and enjoy the numerous benefits offered by local banks like Texas Republic Bank.

We are happy to discuss your financial needs or help you see how banking local can be a great way to reach your financial goals. Contact us today and see how we can help you!

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