Texas Republic Bank Celebrating 120th Birthday

By: TXRB Staff | 21 Jun 2011

This month, Texas Republic Bank is celebrating a major milestone. It is the bank’s 120th birthday. We have spent the past twelve decades making memories by helping our neighbors and business associates achieve their financial goals.  Having survived 2 World Wars, the Great Depression, and now the Great Recession, we are looking forward to the next 120 years of “banking like it oughta be”.

Over the last 120 years, Texas Republic Bank, which is the oldest bank charter headquartered in Collin County, has made the transition from blotters and fountain pens to ATMs and computers. In addition, online banking has replaced the handwritten ledger books of yesteryear.

Texas Republic Bank is locally owned and managed and our roots run deep in the communities that we serve. As a result, customers of the bank can have confidence that the decision makers are people just like themselves – local residents with local market knowledge and a desire to take care of the community.  Because of its local ownership, the bank is run with the guiding principles of “common sense” and “the Golden Rule”.

Headquarters for Texas Republic Bank is Frisco, Texas. We offer all the services that you find in a modern financial institution, yet we deliver the hand holding personal service of a true community bank.

We have made it our mission to meet the needs of the customers that we serve by offering superior financial services and community leadership. In fact, the people employed with Texas Republic Bank are active members of the community, taking part in everything from booster clubs to the Chamber of Commerce to Rotary.

We are proud to offer competitive deposit and loan rates, online banking services and 24/7 access to account information. We have a broad selection of accounts in order to meet the individual financial needs of our customers.

Banking with Texas Republic Bank has always and will always be convenient, easy and secure – it’s the advantage of “banking like it oughta be”.

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