Serving Communities Across the Metroplex, We are Proud to be Recognized by New Korea

By: TXRB Staff | 8 Nov 2018

Abbreviated translation of article:

TRB Consistent Growth With Its Customers

There are so many banks to choose from, but when selecting a bank, one often looks for a stable bank and, usually, it’s going to be the big-sized banks.

Due to language barriers, many of us choose Korean banks. TRB satisfies the two: having stability and a Korean-speaking dedicated officer.

TRB is ready to take on and grow with the Korean community .

The article talks about Texas Republic’s 127 year old bank charter and its continuous growth in its asset and deposit size. The article confirms this by a third party financial company in S&P Global ranking TRB 4th in the nation last year.

TRB’s advantage over the big banks – headquartered in Frisco, local management, and local decision – being the reason for a speedy and flexible process.

Daniel Nam knows the Korean immigrant’s life , culture, and the market very well.

Through TRB and officer Nam, three churches were able to get financing and their dreams of acquiring a church building became reality.

TRB is a bank that is able to grow with its customers and help them to live their dream.

There are times when you cannot find your bank to pull cash from and have to pay ATM fees, with TRB you do not have to worry.

TRB is able to compensate for its lack of branches through its service and dedication to the communities it serves through David Baty, CEO and officer Nam.

Texas Republic Bank Member FDIC/Equal Housing Lender

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