Second Home Financing

By: TXRB Staff | 25 Oct 2013


The loan officers at Texas Republic Bank have financed every conceivable type of purchase or refinance possible that involves a residence. This is the fourth in a series of blog articles identifying some of the more common types of residential loans that the bank likes to make to its customers.
It’s no surprise that the summer heat and humidity in North Texas are just almost unbearable. We all know it’s coming, but it doesn’t lessen the misery! If the idea of spending summers in the cool mountains of Colorado or New Mexico sounds inviting maybe it’s time to think about a second home. If the thought of grandkids splashing in the surf or fishing off your dock is more like your idea of happiness, we’re with you there too!
So regardless of whether it’s snow-capped mountains or sandy beaches that are calling your name, Texas Republic Bank will put you there with a minimum of fuss. You can get the process started with just a phone call to Maureen McGuire or one of the other experienced lenders at the bank. They’ve been helping bank customers achieve happiness in their second homes for many years and would love to talk about yours.
Mountain chalets, lake houses, and Gulf Coast condos are just some of the types of second homes we’ve been happy to finance for our customers. The main thing to keep in mind is that Texas Republic Bank lenders like Maureen have done what you need time and time again. It might well be new to you, but it’s old hat for her!
So call Maureen at (214) 619-3913 or contact her at has an idea of happiness and we’d like to be part of yours–that’s banking like it oughta be!


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