Texas Republic Staff with SMD Consulting and Accounting

SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC


As a top consulting and accounting firm in Frisco, Texas, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC discovered that dealing with the large, national banks in the area was routinely a hassle to get through the banking bureaucracy rather than getting the ideal banking products and programs.

Sean M. Duncan, CPA, President of SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC, realized there had to be a better and more effective way to complete banking for the company. In addition, finding a better banking solution would also be an asset to the clients of SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC, allowing for the firm to make recommendations to a local bank that was community-based and customer focused.

As Mr. Duncan had been friends with Mr. Jerry Song, Senior Vice President of Texas Republic Bank for several years, it was only natural to turn to this locally owned and managed bank for the customized types of banking services that SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC required.


“I’m sure Jerry Song at Texas Republic Bank has a red cape stored away somewhere because he is our hero. As one of the largest CPA firms in Frisco, we need a bank that creates solutions and not bureaucracy. We and our clients are glad Texas Republic Bank uses their banking superpowers for the good of us all.”

-Sean M. Duncan, CPA, President, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC


There is a continuous need for year-round, proactive financial and tax strategy.  SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC is constantly working with their clients to help keep their financials in order as well as develop profit making and tax saving opportunities.

Mr. Duncan did not have time throughout the year to continue to work with multiple banks in the Frisco area to complete his business banking. It was simply taking too much time, effort and coordination to be able to juggle multiple banks and banking officers.

In addition, there was the overwhelming bureaucracy of the big banks to manage. Each of the big banks had endless amounts of paperwork, application forms, and documentation, all of which was redundant.


By consolidating SMD’s various bank accounts to Texas Republic Bank, there was an immediate reduction in time, paperwork, and planning for the staff at SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC.

Now, Mr. Duncan does all his banking at a locally owned and managed bank where decisions are made based on a solid, working relationship between the customers and the financial institution. Not only has this streamlined the banking process for SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC, but it also means that new banking requirements in the future will be handled with minimum paperwork requirements since the bank officer knows Mr. Duncan and Mr. Duncan has a trusted professional managing his accounts.