Bank with Someone You Know

By: TXRB Staff | 22 Jan 2013

If you’re a medical professional considering doing any kind of business with a new bank you’re going to need some answers. But in medical or financial situations, you don’t get the right answers unless you know the right questions to ask. So what should you ask that charming bank officer about her bank.

There are lots of questions, but the most important is, “Who will handle my banking and be my go-to person?” At many banks the person who does that great sales job on you or your business manager becomes a stranger as soon as the sale is closed. It’s referred to in the industry as the “hunter/skinner” marketing model and it’s efficient—for the bank.

When you ask that question at Texas Republic Bank the answer is always going to be, “That would be me!” Your relationship will never be turned over to a junior officer to try to deliver what you were promised. Your practice needs, your investment financing, and your family banking needs will all be handled by the same knowledgeable and professional banker. We leave the “skinning” up to those other banks.

When you ask other questions like, “How will the bank help my practice as it grows over time?” you’ll always get honest, truthful, and complete answers at Texas Republic Bank. So do yourself and your practice a favor and contact bank President David Baty for an introduction to a professional bank officer. You can call him at 972-334-0700 or reach him through the “contact” page of this website. You’ll be talking to bankers who value honesty and integrity above all else.

That’s the way it’s done at Texas Republic Bank, and that’s Banking Like it Oughta Be!

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