4 Tips for Online Security

By: TXRB Staff | 27 Nov 2019

How much time do you spend online? A recent study shows that Americans are spending 6 hours and 42 minutes online daily – equalling almost 100 days online per year! With all that extra screen time cybersecurity is more important than ever. Between online shopping, banking, and social media, there are endless ways that your personal information can be compromised. With that in mind, consider these tips for online security:

  1. Practice good password habits: Your password is the first line of defense when it comes to your online security – make sure it’s a strong one! Your password should be more than 8 characters long, contain special characters, and it’s best not to include a simple word or name. It is also important that you don’t reuse passwords or leave them written down and in reach of anyone other than yourself.
  2. Be smart on social media: No matter what social media platforms you are active on, cybercriminals are active on them too! Make sure that your privacy settings are set to restrict your information from public view and don’t accept requests from people you don’t know if real life. Even if you know everyone you are connected to on social media be careful with the sensitive information you share. It’s not uncommon for a social media to account to be hacked and used to comprise friends.
  3. Be aware of phishing scams and fraudulent phone calls: A common tool of the cybercriminal is phishing scams and fraudulent phone calls. Don’t ever click on an email that you don’t recognize or surrender any information on a foreign website or over the phone.
  4. Avoid user error: Most online security issues come from user error. Make sure that you keep all of your firewalls and protection software updated, turning on automatic updates can be a good place to start, and backup your information regularly. Practice common sense online and make sure that you don’t fall victim to an online scam!

Make sure that you are smart online and encourage your friends and family to do the same! Online security is of growing importance and now is the time to learn more. If you are still concerned with your online security, call our data protection officer at (214) 619-3931.

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