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Switch-Kit: Change Accounts Easily With Texas Republic Bank

Simple Steps to Switch Your Account

Step 1: Open a New Account at Texas Republic Bank

a. Applications for personal and business accounts are included in the kit.

b. Stop by any Texas Republic Bank office and we will help you to choose the account that is right for you.

Step 2: Stop Using Your Old Account

a. Let all of your checks clear.

b. Destroy all unused checks and deposit slips.

c. Destroy your debit or ATM card.

Step 3: Change Your Direct Deposits

a. A Direct Deposit Change Request form is included in this kit to give to anyone making direct deposits into your account.

b. Include a voided check or deposit slip from your new Texas Republic Bank account with the form when you send it to your employer, Social Security, your retirement plan, or any other depositor.

Step 4: Change Auto Payments and Withdrawals

a. An Automatic Payment/Withdrawal Change Request form is included in this kit to help you notify anyone making automatic withdrawals from your account.

b. Remember to include insurance drafts, gym dues, online services, and automatic utility payments, for instance.

c. If you have recurring payments set up through online banking or bill pay at your previous bank, be sure they are cancelled and entered in Texas Republic Bank’s online banking.

Step 5: Close All Other Accounts

a. After all your checks have cleared and your automatic deposits and payments/ withdrawals have been transferred to Texas Republic Bank, you are ready to notify your previous bank to close your account.

b. A Bank Account Closing Request form is provided in this kit to help you notify your bank to close your account and send a check to Texas Republic Bank for deposit to your new account.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can help you in any way during this process.

Thank you for choosing Texas Republic Bank!