Texas Republic Bank staff standing next to 1956 Thunderbird and local Minter Thunderbird's business owners

A True Texas Success Story

“Maureen McGuire has been my banker for years, and she and David Baty understand how my hobby turned into a 48 year nationwide business of restoring and selling 1955, 1956, and 1957 Ford Thunderbirds. …

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SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC

As a top consulting and accounting firm in Frisco, Texas, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC discovered that dealing with the large, national banks in the area was routinely…

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Texas Republic Staff with SMD Consulting and Accounting
Texas Republic Staff with Balance Diabetes

Eye Health

Starting up one medical business is a challenge, but the Allojus were setting up two. Dr. Sindura Alloju as Founder, President and CEO of Balance Diabetes…

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Hospitals and medical facilities often face challenges in covering the cost of services to patients. Specialized companies, such as HCFS in Frisco, work closely with patients, doctors…

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Texas Republic Staff with HCFS staff
Texas Republic Staff with LazyPaw Veterinarian

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals

As a busy veterinary practice in Frisco, Texas, Lazy Paw’s owners Dr. Hunter and Dr. Bilhartz needed an efficient, streamlined and one-stop banking solution…

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